4 Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love

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While giving a gift to your wedding guests is never required, favors show them how much you apricate seeing them on your special day. Weddings are expensive for everyone, and a simple gift shows how grateful you are to have each individual in your life.

The only problem is that there are so many incredible options to choose from, and simply searching for “wedding favors” online can leave you with overwhelming results. Below, we’ve listed some wedding favor ideas your guests will love!

Keychain Bottle Openers

A bottle opener is something your guests can use anytime they pour themselves a drink. This practical gift is a great reminder of all the fun they had on your special day. Bottle openers come in all sorts of shapes, ranging from traditional to key-shaped. You can also add a monogram or image to the opener as a subtle reminder of your wedding celebration.

Luggage Tag

The wedding is about showing off aspects of you and your partner, including your interests. If you and your partner love traveling and seeking the next adventure, give out luggage tags as a favor. You can get an inspiring quote printed on the front and pick out a color you both love. This gives guests something they can use anytime they plan a trip.

Sweet Treats

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? At the wedding, guests can’t always savor the incredible dessert flavors, especially if the cocktail hour and dinner had amazing food. Send your guests home with a sweet treat like a:

  • Truffle
  • Brownie
  • Cookie

These are all classic options; you can buy them individually wrapped to ensure they look elegant. A sweet brownie is a perfect treat for guests to enjoy after a night of celebrating your beautiful marriage. Plus, this allows you to give your guests something as sweet as your love!

Get Brownies Online

You can place your order at Baked by Small Batch and get handmade brownies delivered! We have classic options like chocolate and sea salt caramel that everyone will love, plus boozy brownies that adults will eat up. We’ll individually package your brownies and can add custom labeling to ensure they suit the theme of your big day!

Flower Seed Packets

Our final perfect wedding favor to give your guests is a flower seed packet that they can plant and use to beautify their house. You could also make this favor symbolic and say, “Watch our love grow.” This makes family and friends feel even more included in your relationship as you nourish your new family.

Weddings are about celebration, new adventures, sweet love, and flourishing relationships. Decide on the perfect favor to thank all your supportive guests.

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