3 Tasty Housewarming Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

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Buying a first home is nothing short of exciting, and we throw housewarming parties to celebrate and show off our humble abode. As a guest, you often wonder what you should give the host. Discover some delicious housewarming gifts to give new homeowners so that they can enjoy something sweet in their new house.


Cookies are a classic dessert and come in a wide variety of options—everyone has a favorite! Sweets like this are easy to snag and enjoy on the go. But you can also kick back and allow your taste buds to enjoy it down to the last crumb. Consider purchasing a box of the new homeowners’ favorites or buy an assortment of cookies so they can devour a variety. They may even find a new favorite type of cookie!

Baked by Small Batch

You can order and get cookies delivered to the new homeowners at Baked by Small Batch. We bake all our treats in small batches to ensure every dessert tastes homemade. Best yet, if they can’t eat all the cookies right away, they can freeze some for up to four months to enjoy later; they’ll taste just as fresh!

Bite-Sized Cake

Whether it’s a cupcake, cake pop, or cake in a jar, this is perfect for the new homeowners and gives them something delicious to enjoy. Nothing makes a celebration like some delicious cake. When you give a tasty housewarming gift like this, the new homeowners will enjoy it to the last bite while relishing in their new house!


Like cookies, brownies are a staple when it comes to desserts. Just about everyone loves brownies because they’re nostalgic and taste incredible. Plus, they come in a variety of flavors like:

  • Chocolate chip
  • Salted caramel
  • Blondies
  • Red velvet

Brownies are perfect for every celebration and social gathering; you can never stop at one because they taste so good. Present the new homeowners with the ultimate comfort food!

Bonus: Booze Brownies

You can buy classic brownies or booze brownies at Baked by Small Batch. Not much tops a gift that blends the comforting flavors of brownies and beloved drinks like bourbon, Kahlua, and coconut rum. Plenty of people gift the homeowners a bottle of their favorite alcohol, and you can take things one step further with booze brownies. Buy something sweet for the new house owners in your life so that they can begin their journey into homeownership the right way.

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