Baked By Small Batch has all sorts of cookies and amazing luxury brownies in boozy and classic flavors for sale. Seeing all of our fudgy, delicious, handmade brownies may make it hard to choose but dive in and see what piques your interest. Can’t decide? Choose one of our assortments of cookies and brownies. With a mixed box, you can enjoy all the flavors you want so that your tastebuds never feel like something is lacking. Why make that tough decision when you can have it all? Our team can curate a mix of favorites, or you can customize your selection with the flavors you find most intriguing. Check out our options below, and create the perfect box of handmade baked goods!

If you have questions about our incredible treats or services, please contact us. You can reach our team by calling (212) 686-2253 or emailing

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