5 Sweet 16 Party Favors Everyone Will Appreciate

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Your Sweet 16 is one of the biggest parties of your teenage years, and like any party, plenty goes into planning it. Once you decide on a theme and your guest list, you need to pick out the best gift for your guests. And in this party guide, we’ll lay out the top favors everyone will appreciate at your Sweet 16.

Personalized Makeup Bags

Personalized makeup bags are a fantastic and practical option. Customized gifts like this make your guests feel special on your day. Give each guest a makeup bag in their favorite color with their name printed on the front of it.

Sweet Treats

Nothing makes a Sweet 16 perfect like sweet treats to take home! Decide on your favorite dessert and give it to guests in a little goodie bag. Cookies or brownies are a favor everyone at your Sweet 16 will love because they taste amazing, and they won’t blow your party budget.  

At Baked by Small Batch, you can place an order for gourmet brownies or cookies, plus add custom labels to your favors. Of course, you can’t go wrong with dessert, and all our bite-sized options are delectable. Consider ordering brownies online for your Sweet 16.

Photo Frames

This is a great option if you have a photo booth at your party, as it allows all your friends to forever capture the moment! With a frame as a favor, they’ll have the perfect place to put their photo and keep it safe. Go the extra mile and customize frames with paint or by gluing on fake flowers and other accessories that showcase your party theme.

Drinking Glasses

Who doesn’t love a fun glass or mug? Plus, this is a practical favor that guests can use anytime. If you add a personalized monogram, also consider including something generic, such as “This is my party cup!” so that your guests can show it off anytime. Additionally, decide on the type of glass you’d like to give, such as a coffee mug or glass tumbler.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are another great option for party favors, as they allow your guests to purchase something they know they’ll use. Think about the amount you plan to spend on favors and consider putting that on gift cards you can distribute to your guests. Make sure to ask them to show you the amazing things they choose!

Pro Tip

Solely giving guests a gift card can feel a bit boring, so consider pairing this with another favor. For instance, give your guests a gourmet brownie and gift card. That way, they have the treat to eat and can pick out something memorable to keep.

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