Gourmet Gifts for Showing Teacher Appreciation

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Gifts are a fantastic way of showing someone else how much you apricate the things they do for you and the incredible impact they’ve made on your life. Teachers work hard to help children learn new concepts and skills and apply them to real life. Check out these yummy, gourmet gifts for showing teacher appreciation!


Sometimes a cup of coffee is essential for starting your day. Create a coffee basket compete with ground coffee, a mug, and some coffee syrup. Your child’s beloved teacher will think of your kindness every time they enjoy their morning cup of coffee.


Now, we’re not talking about the typical popcorn you’d make for yourself before watching a movie, nor the stuff you get from a tin. Gourmet popcorn comes in mouth-watering flavors like savory cheddar, sweet and chocolate-covered, and even bacon flavored! Rather than buying what sounds best, consider purchasing an assortment of flavors. This way, they can sample various popcorns, share them with their family, and pick out the flavor they love the most.


Everyone loves sweets. There’s something comforting about how sugar hits the tastebuds. Classic options like gourmet cookies or brownies are a perfect option and come in a variety of flavors. Craft a sweets basket with various cookies like chocolate chip, double chocolate, and peanut butter; add different brownies like chocolate chip, salted caramel, and blondies. Nothing beats a sweet treat after a long day.

Combine Options

If you can’t decide on one gourmet gift to show teacher appreciation, nothing’s stopping you from combining different themes. For instance, there’s no pairing quite like coffee and a dessert. So, create a basket with a mug, ground coffee, and some brownies or cookies!

Gifting Tip

When you give your teacher their special gift, remember to include a handmade card thanking them for what they do. Presents come from the heart, and a card takes it one step further.

Buy From Baked by Small Batch

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