5 Ways To Show Appreciation to Your Remote Employees

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Making your employees feel valued is an important part of being a leader. When workers feel essential, they’re more likely to put their all into their tasks. Of course, when everyone isn’t in the office together, forming connections with one another can feel more challenging. Check out the information below to find great ways to show appreciation to remote employees.

Praise Their Work

Everyone likes hearing that they’ve done a great job; it’s in our nature. Show your team of skilled workers that they’re much more than a number by complimenting the great things they do. Some bosses even give shoutouts using their company’s instant messaging software to show off all the great work their team members do. By drawing attention to your employees’ success, you show them that you pay attention to their wonderful work. 

Send Them Gifts

Nothing beats getting a gift in the mail, especially when it comes as a way to show thanks for hours of work. As you narrow your gift options, think about what your employees like most. Is a certain employee one of your company’s hardest workers? Consider sending them a care package. And if you need a gift everyone will love, you can’t go wrong with sweet treats! Send your team gooey brownies or cookies to thank them for everything they do.

Baked by Small Batch

At Baked by Small Batch, we sell all sorts of gourmet brownies and cookies. Best yet, these are individually wrapped desserts, so there’s no pressure for the recipient to devour everything at once. Instead, your employees can take their time to enjoy every sweet delicacy down to the last bite.

Say “Thank You”

While it may sound simple, it can be easy to forget to say “thank you” to your employees. The workday is busy, but these two simple words show your team that you appreciate what they do for the company. Send your employee a message or email thanking them for all the work they put in each day.

Do Team Bonding

When the entire workday is solely devoted to completing tasks, your employees may start to feel burnt out. Plus, they’ll feel more like a number than a valued team member the longer this continues. Consider hosting weekly games through Zoom or a virtual happy hour. You could even make your virtual happy hour even sweeter by sending everyone a treat to enjoy during the call.

Help Them Thrive

Appreciation comes in many forms, and you also show remote workers you appreciate them by giving them the tools they need to climb the ladder of success. Hold one-on-one meetings to talk with everyone about their goals. From there, you can schedule times to talk about how they’re doing and whether they’re on track with their goals.

A leader keeps employees on track and mentors them so that they can reach the goals they’re striving for. Keep your workers feeling happy and appreciated to keep the workplace an ideal place for everyone.

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