Everyone loves handcrafted cookies!  It started at a young age (you remember milk and cookies). As adults, this love affair has grown. Our flavor pallet has expanded from traditional to whimsical to exotic.

At Baked By Small Batch, we cover all the bases.  We've taken the chocolate chip cookie and have enhanced it to be Triple Chocolate Chunk. Studded with Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate Chunks it is loved by adults and children alike.  Our Dark Chocolate Cookie is rich and decadent. On the whimsical side are the Sugar Birthday Cookies. Get these mouthwatering cookies delivered so that you can indulge in this traditional treat.

There are so many great choices, you can't pick just one. No worries, our Baker's Choice gives you a selection to try and see which one of our handmade gourmet cookies you like best.  It will be hard to pick a favorite.

Another great idea is to add a custom label to your cookies and have them as a Party Favor at your next special gathering.

So many cookies, so little time! Get a variety pack of cookies delivered today; then, you can decide on your favorite flavor.

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