Everything You Need to Know About Cocktail Shaker Sets

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You just started making cocktails to go with your favorite desserts and have no idea what cocktail shaker you should use? Fear no more! We wrote a detailed article about cocktail shaker sets, in which we will discuss the small but significant differences between the different cocktail shaker models.

We will first explain how to use a cocktail shaker correctly. Then we will go into the different types of cocktail shakers.

How to Use a Cocktail Shaker

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You should first learn how to use a cocktail shaker correctly if you want to learn how to make good cocktails yourself. First, you have to know which cocktail is shaken and which isn't. 

If a cocktail contains cream, or dairy products, it usually has to be shaken. There are also some differences in how to shake the cocktail. A dry shake involves mixing the ingredients without ice. You usually dry shake eggs to make them nice and fluffy. 

To explain the question of how to use a cocktail shaker: there is usually the shaker itself, in which you add the ingredients into, close it, and shake them. How long, depends on the cocktail you are preparing and also which shaker you use. 

Then the shaker is opened, and the cocktail is poured into the cocktail glass. For this, you should use one or more strainers.

Different types of cocktail shakers

No matter if you're more into styles that are golden or rose gold-colored, vintage, traditional, modern, or whatever: there is no such thing as the best cocktail shaker set. It depends on your personal preferences. This doesn't mean, however, that every cocktail shaker is the same. 

You can distinguish them mostly between their type and their material

Regarding the material of your shaker, you can choose between the following (among others):

  • Copper cocktail shaker
  • Stainless steel cocktail shaker
  • Glass cocktail shaker
  • Brass cocktail shaker
  • Crystal cocktail shaker

The material of the cocktail shaker can make the difference. Different materials have different resistance to heat and cold. When it comes to safety, we would first recommend a stainless steel cocktail shaker to beginners than one made of glass or crystal.

The bigger role here is the type of cocktail shaker. The best-known cocktail shaker types are the Boston ShakerCobbler Shaker, and the Parisian Shaker.

Each Cocktail Shaker has its advantages and disadvantages, which we will explain to you now.

Cocktail Shaker 1: Boston Shaker

The Boston Shaker is probably the most famous and consists of two parts: the shaking metal tin and the mixing glass tin. The ingredients of the cocktail are always added to the glass portion. 

Then you place the shaking metal tin on the glass, tap it lightly and take both parts (together) in your hand and give it a shake. 

Advantages of Boston Shaker:

  • Usually large volume, enough for 2-3 cocktails
  • Easy to clean, as the Boston Shaker consists of only two parts
  • Since the glass is see-through, you can always see which ingredients you have added
  • Shaking the ingredients is faster in the Boston shaker than in other types of shakers

Disadvantages of Boston Shaker:

  • Beginners may have difficulties to separate the glass cleanly from the metal part after shaking
  • Requires a separate, individual strainer
  • The glass can break quickly

Cocktail Shaker 2: Cobbler Shaker

Cocktail Shaker Sets - Cobbler Shaker

The Cobbler Shaker is also called a 3-piece shaker because it consists of three parts: The metal tin cup, build in strainer top and strainer cover lid This cocktail shaker is probably the best cocktail shaker for beginners because it's cheap, easy to handle, and comes with the easy-to-use, built-in strainer and jigger measuring lid. This means you spend less time making the cocktail and more time enjoying it with your favorite treats!

For a busy bar, this shaker is not necessarily suitable, because it sticks quickly, has a small volume, needs to be shaken longer and the strainer isn't ideal for all ingredients such as syrups, herbs, and fruits. Besides, cleaning the Cobbler Shaker isn't always easy.

Advantages of Cobbler Shaker:

  • Built-in strainer
  • More difficult to break because there is no glass
  • Good for beginners
  • Even a jigger (measuring cap) isn't always required, as the lid of the Cobbler Shaker usually has a 1-2 oz filling capacity

Disadvantages of Cobbler Shaker:

  • After shaking, the tins often jam
  • Shaking the ingredients is slower in the Cobbler Shaker than in other types of shakers
  • The built-in strainer might not be as good as a strainer you buy separately
  • Usually little volume, enough for 1-2 cocktails
  • Difficult to clean
  • Egg whites, herbs, fruits and syrups can clog the strainer

Cocktail Shaker 3: Parisian Shaker

The third and last cocktail shaker in our list is the Parisian Shaker. This cocktail shaker is probably the most unknown and least used today. It's a variation of the Cobbler Shaker, but consists of only two parts, the bottom metal tin and the top metal lid. With the Parisian Shaker you do need to use an individual strainer.

Advantages of Parisian Shaker:

  • Easy to use
  • More difficult to break because there is no glass
  • Easy to clean
  • Usually large volume, enough for 2-3 cocktails

Disadvantages of Parisian Shaker:

  • After shaking, the tins often jam
  • Requires an individual extra strainer


As you have read in this article, there is no such thing as “the best” cocktail shaker. Which cocktail shaker you ultimately choose depends on your preferences and your cocktail-making skills.

For a professional bar, we would definitely recommend the Boston Shaker, as it usually has more volume, but it also requires more sensitivity and is not necessarily suitable for beginners.

If you just started to make easy cocktails, you should try the Cobbler Shaker. It's easy to use, cheap, and it comes with a built-in strainer, making the Cobbler Shaker the best cocktail shaker for beginners.

Which shaker do you use? And why? Let us know in the comments! Thank you for reading. 

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